Certificates of Deposit

Put your money to work for you! Our Certificates of Deposit (CD) do just that – with shorter terms and higher interest rates, you can save for big purchases or emergency expenses without sacrificing potential earnings. You’ll maximize your savings with a locked-in competitive interest rate for your custom-tailored term.


  • Guaranteed Rate Of Interest For A Term Tailored To Your Needs – With a locked-in interest rate, you’ll have the security of knowing your money will earn more than if you kept it in a traditional savings account.  
  • Competitive Rates –  We strive to give our customers the best possible returns on their investments and offer competitive rates on our CDs.
  • Range Of Maturity Dates Our CD terms vary from six months up to five years, giving you the flexibility to choose a maturity date that meets both your financial goals and timeline. 
  • Opportunity To Reinvest Interest Reinvest earned interest back into the certificate for further growth potential.
  • Automatic Renewal Option Setting up automatic renewal allows your certificate to renew automatically at maturity with no action required on your part.

Contact a Peoples Bank & Trust Personal Banker at 770-932-1900 for current rates and terms.

CD Certificate of Deposit Buford, GA