Additional Business Banking Services

Additional Services

Credit Card Processing

Payment processing to fit your business needs.

Credit Card Processing

Innovative Payment Solutions

Everything you need to easily and securely process your customer’s payments anytime, anywhere. Peoples Bank & Trust partners with Elavon, an industry leader in payment acceptance, to offer a variety of easy-to-use Merchant Services.

No matter what type of business you own, we have a solution to fit your needs: 

  • In-person, online, and mobile payment solutions
  • Chip card/EMV terminals and tablet point-of-sale systems
  • Solutions to help keep payments secure and adhere to PCI DSS standards
  • Loyalty and gift card programs to market, grow, and retain your business 
  • Accept mobile wallets, including Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™ 
  • Next-Day Business Funding

To find out more about how we can help your business, please call today at 770-932-1900.

Payment Solutions

We may be able to save you money while providing faster funding and improved customer service.

  • Processing Solutions – We know your business is unique and so are your payment acceptance needs. In today’s competitive marketplace, you must balance excellent customer service with efficient cash management and risk control. You’re in good company with Peoples Bank & Trust and Elavon.
  • Accept All Payment Types – We accept all major credit and debit cards, gift cards, mobile wallet payments, and more. No matter your business – retail, restaurant, health care, service, mail order, or e-commerce – we have the solutions you need to optimize your payment processing with fast access to your funds within 24-48 hours.
Data Security

Data security solutions help keep your payments and business protected from fraud. 

  • Safety and Security -When customers give you payment information, they trust you to protect their card data. Your reputation – and ultimately your bottom line – depends on keeping that trust. We keep your business safe, and your cardholder’s data secured through a layered approach to security.
  • Keep Sensitive Data Protected – Elavon supports Apple Pay™ and Android Pay,™ with available encryption and tokenization options and a PCI compliance program to help you keep sensitive data protected while in-use, at-rest, and in-transit.

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Remote Deposit

Make sure your deposits are readily available so your business has the capital necessary to thrive.

Remote Deposit

Scan and electronically deposit your checks from your home or office. If you are interested, please call the bank at 770-932-1900.

Business Retirement Plans

We understand the importance of retirement benefits for your employees and tax advantages for your business. That’s why we offer many types of Retirement Plans for you and your employees.

Business Retirement Plans
  • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plans 
  • Traditional IRAs 
  • Roth IRAs

These Retirement Accounts are invested in Certificates of Deposit.

Order Business Checks

Order Business Checks

Click on the logo above to order business checks.

Download Personal Financial Statement Form

Personal Financial Statement Forms

Download Personal Financial Statement Form

Become an ACH Originator

Here’s what being an ACH originator can mean for you!

Become an ACH Originator


  • Reduced Costs – Fewer checks to buy. Lower account charges. No check distribution costs.
  • Improved Efficiency – Eliminates time required to print and sign checks. Simplifies payroll disbursement and account reconciliation. Reduces the amount of storage space required for canceled checks. Eliminates problems with lost and/or stolen paychecks. Reduces manual key-entry errors. Simplifies payroll research.
  • Increased Benefits for Employees – No trips to cash or deposit payroll checks. Quicker access to funds. Increased confidentiality. Ability to receive pay while on vacation or out due to illness.


  • Reduced Costs – Lower costs for invoice printing, return envelopes, postage, etc. Lower account charges for ACH items.
  • Improved Cash Flow – Immediate access to funds on the date due, with advance notice of the amount of the incoming credit.
  • Increased Efficiency – Less time creating invoices. Fewer incoming checks to process. Increased accuracy. Simplified research. Easier handling of returned items.
  • Added Benefits for Clients – Eliminates the need to write and mail checks and your concern for late payments. Increases confidentiality.
  • Decreased Delinquency Ratio – Receive more payments on time and reduce second billing notices.

This simple service can render a profound impact on your business. Call us at 770-932-1900 if you would like to find out more.

*Subject to approval

Other Services

Other Services

DirectPay *

DirectPay is an exciting new service offered by Peoples Bank & Trust that allows your business to originate ACH transactions – making you an ACH originator. With this service, you can originate both debits for recurring payments from your clients such as utility bills, account drafts, membership fees, etc., and credits for direct deposit of payroll to employee accounts for the net payroll amount each pay period.

Business Visa® Business Card *

Our Business debit cards save you time and money. Enjoy the ease and worldwide acceptance of Visa®. Contact us at 770-932-1900 for more information.

“Telebank”, your 24-7 Banker :

You can obtain your current balance, transfer funds, make loan payments and verify checks 24 hours a day-7 days a week.

*Subject to Approval