Our New President, Ted Williams

Banking Loand Buford GA

In 2024, we welcome a new chapter at Peoples Bank & Trust with the transition of Douglas Nichols from his role as our President. We express our gratitude for his exceptional leadership and eagerly look forward to the future. Douglas will continue to guide us as our CEO, ensuring a smooth transition to Ted Williams, who will step into the role of bank President.

Ted, a familiar face and a part of our bank’s family, brings with him deep roots in the Buford community. Much of who Ted is today can be traced back to the people, experiences, and influences he encountered growing up on a family farm.

Working alongside his parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends from the community, he learned the value of hard work and community bonds. The importance of legacy was lived out before and around him. This strong connection to his roots, faith, and calling to serve has been a driving force in Ted’s life.

Ted’s journey at Peoples Bank & Trust has been one of steady growth and valuable contributions. He joined our team in 1992, fresh out of West Hall High School, beginning as a summer employee. That summer job turned into an impressive career as Ted has taken on various roles over the years, each with increasing responsibilities that showcase his adaptability and dedication to our organization. From his early days as an Administrative Assistant to his more recent role as Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer, Ted has skillfully managed the bank’s loan portfolio.

His remarkable journey continues as he steps into the role of bank President. This position reflects his longstanding commitment to our institution and our community. Beyond his professional life, Ted is a devoted family man who enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Traci, and their three children. He has also played a meaningful role in the community as an associate pastor at two local churches and is a long-standing member of Ivy Creek Baptist Church in Buford. These experiences have shaped his character and reflect the principles he brings to Peoples Bank & Trust.

With Ted’s wealth of experience and strong community ties, our customers can continue to expect exceptional service in all their banking needs. Whether you need a small business loan, commercial loan, or consumer loan, our team remains dedicated to providing streamlined services with a personal touch. Peoples Bank & Trust is on the verge of an exciting new era, and Ted’s vision and leadership will ensure that our journey ahead is in capable and caring hands.