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Become an ACH Originator *

Here's what being an ACH originator can mean for you!


  • Reduced Costs - Fewer checks to buy. Lower account charges. No check distribution costs.

  • Improved Efficiency - Eliminates time required to print and sign checks. Simplifies payroll disbursement and account reconciliation. Reduces amount of storage space required for cancelled checks. Eliminates problems with lost and/or stolen paychecks. Reduces manual key-entry errors. Simplifies payroll research.

  • Increased Benefits for Employees - No trips to cash or deposit payroll checks. Quicker access to funds. Increased confidentiality. Ability to receive pay while on vacation or out due to illness.


  • Reduced Costs - Lower costs for invoice printing, return envelopes, postage, etc. Lower account charges for ACH items.

  • Improved Cash Flow - Immediate access to funds on the date due with advance notice of the amount of the incoming credit.

  • Increased Efficiency - Less time to create invoices. Fewer incoming checks to process. Increased accuracy. Simplified research. Easier handling of returned items.

  • Added Benefits for Clients - Eliminates need to write and mail checks, and concern for late payments. Increases confidentiality.

  • Innovative Image - Presents a progressive image for clients. Better retention levels.

  • Decreased Delinquency Ratio - Receive more payments on time and reduce second billing notices.

This simple service can render a profound impact on your business. Give us a call to arrange a demonstration.

*Subject to approval

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